Meadowville Landing Association

Welcome Subcommittee Charter

Executive Summary:

  1. Mission Statement and Purpose: To welcome new Meadowville Landing homeowners to the Association and the Community.
  2. Committee members: William Gay. Sheree Rolfe, Christina Devers, Michelle Kiser, Lily Hernandez, Tina Spain & Bruce Nugent
  3. Committee Structure :
    • Chairperson: Sheree Rolfe
    • Term of Office (length and calendar term): One year


  1. Reporting (interim reporting and plans): At the request of the Homeowners Advisory Committee
  2. Homeowners Advisory Committee Relationships: Chairperson will contact the Homeowners Advisory Committee as needed
  3. Vendor Relationships: to be determined
  4. Management Company Relationships: Managing agent notifies the committee when new homeowners come into the Meadowville Landing.
  5. Authority:
  • To greet new homeowners and provide information to help them become familiar with the Association and the Community.
    • Send a greeting letter with: FAQ’s, email addresses, ARC procedures, Neighborhood Watch information, Homeowners Advisory Committee meeting schedule and location
  • To select an activity and location for meet and greet
  • To arrange setup and cleanup for such events
  • To publish announcements of such activities.

Financial Plan:

  1. Total amount of funds available – Not specified in 2016 budget