Meadowville Landing HOA

January 13, 2022
Continued 2021 Annual Membership Meeting


– Wes Caudill

Roll Call

– Second attempt at an annual meeting – no quorum. Notice of the meeting was sent
President introduction – Discussion about the function of the HOA and how it functions. Mentioned
trash company and remediation actions. Gave an overview of complexities attached.

Committee Report Outs

– Pool committee

  • Report out the repair assessment is underway
  • New furniture being submitted by pool committee
  • Additional repairs to the pool house and mechanica
  • New contract for lifeguard services and pool maintenance underway

– Neighborhood Watch

– Luis Rodriguez

  • 804.748.1251 and 804.748.1431 – Chesterfield county non-emergency phone numbers
    • Staffed 24x7x365
  • Be able to report out unsafe/suspicious actions
  • Provided some tips regarding safety at the home
  • Broken mailboxes
  • Car break ins
    • Questions from community about break ins
    • Because we’re on highway corridor attractive target
  • Recommend alarm systems
  • See something say something
  • Get to know your neighbors

– Social committee

  • 11 members
  • Lots of events with good participation level
  • Reminder for homeowners to be mindful of RSVP when food or materials are being
    ordered. If plans change notify social committee.
  • Try to signup and attend
  • Help spread the word for signups
  • Asked about notices
    • Facebook
    • Flyers/posters
    • Community website
  • Requested calendar of events

– Gym

  • New cleaning contract
    • Increased the amount of cleanings for the fitness center