The Declaration of Covenants establishes the authority of the Developer and the Meadowville Landing Association, Inc.’s Board of Directors to create architectural standards and maintain the Association’s Architectural Review Committee (ARC).  See Article VII, Part 2, #33.  This document shall establish guidelines and provide interpretations as the “written instrument of the ARC.”

This document has been developed to detail and explain the Architectural Standards for design and construction, exterior alterations, and property maintenance.  It also explains the basis and reasoning for the Standards and assists the builder and homeowner in understanding them by providing definitions, examples, illustrations and application requirements.

The Association and Developer, through the ARC, reserves the right to modify, add, or delete any specific section of the Standards as deemed appropriate.  All changes must be ratified by the Board of Directors prior to their incorporation.

The homeowner is responsible for compliance with the Architectural Standards.  Any proposed improvements to a property may affect that compliance and, to maintain compliance, the Covenants require that the owner obtain written approvals from the Association though the Architectural Review Sub-Committee (ARSC) prior to making any exterior improvements/alterations.  This is true regardless of whether the work is being performed by the owner directly or by a contractor.  If approval is not received prior to improvements being made, additional fees may result. The location, size, number, and appearance of prior modifications and improvements on a Lot may impact or cause denial of future modification requests.

In addition to approvals from the ARSC, other approvals and permits may be required by the County, such as building and electrical permits.  It is not the responsibility of the Association, the ARSC, or the Developer to obtain any permits for you, nor to provide any guarantees or waive any legal requirements for compliances with any state or county law, with the Declaration of Covenants or with these Standards.