Meadowville Landing Association

Grounds Subcommittee Charter

 Executive Summary:

  1. Mission Statement: The Grounds Subcommittee insures that the overall appearance of the Meadowville Landing Association Common Areas is maintained and improved according to the Association’s Covenants and Declarations and the interests of the Homeowner’s. The Committee works with the managing agent to ensure that homeowners maintain their lawns in accordance with the Covenants and Declarations.
  2. Purpose: The Grounds Subcommittee will:
  • Monitor the Meadowville Landing Association Common Areas and make recommendations for repairs and upkeep of said areas.
  • Monitor homeowner lawns to ensure they are maintained in keeping with the Association documents.
  • Present the annual Enhancement Landscape Plan which will include incremental improvements to Association Common Areas
  1. Subcommittee members: Richard Chappell, Erik Bungo, Anthony Kenney, Veronica Kenney, Christina Devers, Jean Hyink, Wilson Schultz, T. Vickerie, Kate Sloan and Janet Kencitzski
  2. Subcommittee Structure
    • Chairperson:
    • The Committee may be divided into the two areas of responsibility with members serving on one or both areas:
      • Maintenance
      • Enhancement
    • Term of Office (length and calendar term): One year


  1. Reporting (interim reporting and plans): The subcommittee members will communicate with the Homeowner Advisory Committee via the Chairperson and/or Committee members who are serving on the subcommittee.
  2. Homeowners Advisory Committee Relationships:
    • Keep the committee chairperson apprised of the status of pertinent contracts
    • Approve all expenses as presented by the committee chairperson
    • Approve the annual Enhancement Landscape Plan
    • Consult, as needed, with the committee on specialized homeowner requests
  3. Vendor Relationships: The committee will work in conjunction with managing agent:
    • To identify problems, additional work, etc. with current contracted vendors
    • To identify and negotiate additional work with reputable vendors
  4. Management Company Relationships:
    • Managing agent will be the primary contact with any vendors and homeowners
    • Managing agent will consult with the committee on job status, question or requests.
  5. Authority:


  • Inspect all Meadowville Landing Common Areas:
  • Trees and Shrubs
  • Irrigation
  • Mail Boxes
  • Lighting
  • Common Areas structures such as the Front Entrance Walls and Perimeter Fence
  • Identify items for repair and upkeep of Common Areas
  • Alert the Managing Agent regarding landscape quality control matters


  • Make recommendations for improving/enhancing the Common Areas
  1. Financial Plan
  2. Maintenance: Amount for Grounds Other ($8,000.00) in 2019 budget.
    • Within the constraints of the budget, the Chairperson will contact the Managing Agent to determine estimated costs for proposed projects.
    • If estimated funds become unavailable, projects will be delayed or downsized.