General Approval Process and Timeline

Step 1: Application

Home Improvement/Modification Application forms are available online at the Meadowville website. Delays in processing your application will be avoided by making sure that it is signed and has adequate supporting documentation including official plot, plat, or site-plan drawings, photos and samples. The location, size, number, and appearance of prior modifications and improvements on a Lot may impact or cause denial of future modification requests.  Plan ahead accordingly!

Completed applications should be sent to the management company.


Step 2: Review by Architectural Review Sub-Committee

ARSC members may visit the property to review the application with your documentation in hand.  Members may contact the homeowner named on the application for further information or clarification of application details.  The ARSC will discuss the application regarding whether the application should be approved, approved with conditions or denied.  The ARSC will then consider the recommendations and will make a decision regarding the application.  Please keep in mind that this decision runs with the property, not with the current owner.

The application is then forwarded back to the management company.  This review process may take up to 30 days.


Step 3: Response by HOA

You will receive a letter in the mail detailing the ARSC’s decision.

Step 4: Your Responsibility as a Homeowner

You may begin your project anytime following receipt of approval letter. The project must be completed within 90 days.  Should you encounter delays from the contractor or other issues, a simple request via email to the management company can be submitted to extend the time frame.  The ARSC will generally review and approve this request if the issues encountered are reasonable.

If you DO NOT complete the approved ARSC modification/project within 90 days and DO NOT request an extension, you will need to re-apply for another approval.  Failure to complete the project in a timely manner or without additional approvals may result in violation letters or further fees.

Please bear in mind that the ARC Standards are reviewed on a continual basis and subject to change with approval from the Board of Directors.