Meadowville Landing Association
Communication Subcommittee Charter

Executive Summary:
1. Mission Statement and Purpose: To prepare and (with the Homeowners Advisory Committee’s approval) publish community newsletter and to maintain the community website. The committee will also assist the Homeowners Advisory Committee in drafting other communications to the homeowners as needed.
2. Committee members: Deepak Thomas, Nicole Vickerie, John Devers, & Veronica Kenney
3. Committee Structure:
• Newsletter Editor:
• Contributing Editor:
• Term of Office (length and calendar term): One year

1. Reporting (interim reporting and plans): At the request of the Homeowners Advisory Committee
2. Homeowners Advisory Committee Relationships: The committee members will communicate with the Homeowners Advisory Committee via the Chairperson and/or Homeowners Advisory Committee members who are serving on the committee.
3. Vendor Relationships:
4. Management Company Relationships: Community Partners prints and mails newsletters
5. Authority:
• To select subjects, write articles, include Homeowners Advisory Committee and committee activities from approved minutes and (with the Homeowners Advisory Committee’s approval) to publish them in the newsletter
1. Frequency of Newsletter – Quarterly starting the end of March (as noted in the Annual Management Calendar)
2. Special Mailings – Create drafts at the request of the Homeowners Advisory Committee

Financial Plan
1. Amount for newsletter and other mailings already in budget:
• Printing and Reproduction
• Postage and Mailing