Basketball Goals/Backboards

Note: Backboards may not be mounted directly to the house or to the garage.


  • Portable/Freestanding basketball goals must be located at the top of the driveway.
  • Portable basketball goals must be in an upright position anchored with sand or water inside the base.
  • Goals must be placed in the driveway only.
  • Freestanding poles must be constructed in such a manner so as to be easily removed at the ground level.
  • Backboards must be grey, white or transparent. A marker square on the backboard in any color is allowed. The pole shall be painted solid black or neutral earth tone.
  • The unit must be kept in good repair.

Application Requirements:

  • Photograph or picture from a brochure
  • Sketch or drawing, including site plan of the residence.
  • Materials and colors specifics.
  • Photos of driveway with location clearly marked.