Awnings, Sun Trellises, Garden Trellises and Other Sun-Control Devices

Note: Approvable for rear of houses only


  • Sun control devices shall be compatible with the architectural character of the
    house in terms of style, color and materials. Cloth and/or wood are preferred
  • Awnings shall be of straightforward design without decorative embellishment
    such as scallops, fringes and contrasting colored stitches.
  • Awnings, sun trellises and garden trellises shall be consistent with the visual
    scale of the houses to which they are attached.
  • The location of any awning, sun trellis or garden trellis shall not adversely affect
    views, sunlight, or natural ventilation of adjacent properties.
  • Color of pipe frames for canvas awnings shall match or complement trim or
    dominant color of the house. If awnings are removed for winter storage, pipe
    frames shall be removed.
  • The location, size, number, and appearance of prior modifications and
    improvements on a Lot may impact or cause denial of future modification

Application Requirements:

  • Photograph or picture from a brochure
  • Sketch or drawing, including site plan of the residence with measurements
    clearly marked.
  • Materials and colors, i.e. cloth, wood, etc.
  • ARC approved house colors and picture of house colors