The FCC (Federal Communication Commission) has passed regulations pertaining to
the size requirements and installation sites of satellite dishes in community
associations. Homeowners may install satellite dishes under one meter (39.40 inches or
3.28 feet) in size on their property. However, the FCC has permitted associations to
establish placement and screening requirements on satellite dishes. It has been our
experience that most residents want their satellite dish installed in the most
inconspicuous location on their property, but installers that are given the ability to install
the dish wherever they deem appropriate, will install the dish in a location that is easiest
for them, not necessarily the most esthetically pleasing location for the owner and

Applications are required for ALL SATELLITE DISHES.


  • The size, design and the location of all antennae and satellite dishes intended to
    be placed on a Lot must be submitted to the Architectural Review Committee
    (ARC) for review and approval granted prior to installation.
  • Satellite dishes will not exceed one meter in diameter.
  • To the extent it is reasonable, the preferred location and installation site for
    antennae and satellite dishes shall be only in the rear of a dwelling or in the rear
    portion of the Lot property not visible from the road. If such preferred locations
    preclude an acceptable quality of reception on any Lot property, then the Owner
    shall notify the ARC in writing, of such concern. Such notification shall include
    the appropriate documentation related to preclusion of reception and designate
    other sites on the Lot upon which the Owner wishes to locate an install the
    satellite dish.
  • Antennae and satellite dishes which are one meter or less in diameter should be
    reasonably screened from view from any other Lot or Common Area and should
    be painted in a fashion that will not interfere with reception so that it blends into
    the background against which it is mounted.
  • Satellite dishes may be placed on rear slope of the home but below the ridge line
    of the home such that it is not visible from the street view.
  • Associated cables and wires must be run and secured in the least visible
  • If the best reception will be received by placing the dish in a location is visible
    from the street and/or adjacent property owners, the dish will need to be
    screened with shrubbery to the extent that this does not preclude an acceptable
    quality of reception. The shrubbery must be as high or higher than the satellite
    dish and as wide as or wider than the dish. In addition, the shrubby needs to be
    of an evergreen variety so screening is accomplished year round, and the
    shrubbery needs to be dense enough to provide full screening.
  • If you decide to use lattice or another screening method, the design and
    materials will need to be approved in writing by the Architectural Review
    Committee prior to installation. If you have already installed a satellite receiver
    without submitting an application for approval and the placement of your dish does not follow these basic guidelines, you will need to relocate your satellite dish.

Application Requirements:

Official site plan of the residence with location of proposed satellite dish noted
Measurements of the satellite dish. (Height and Width)
Sketch, drawing or landscaping plan of proposed screening.
Measurements of screening to include height, length and width
Materials, colors and/or proposed shrubbery to be used