Note: Window air conditioning units are prohibited and will not be approved

Air conditioning or heat pump equipment must be located so as to be concealed from the front street and neighbors’ view. Equipment must be kept within screening enclosures which are located toward the rear of the house and kept in good repair and condition at all time.

An enclosure shall be constructed of finished or unfinished lattice and pressure-treated wood or vented brick that matches the foundation of the house. It shall provide screening on all sides with one open side not visible from the street.

An enclosure of shrubbery is allowed with approval. The shrubbery needs to be of an evergreen variety so screening is accomplished year round and needs to be dense enough to provide full screening as high or higher than the equipment and as wide as or wider than the equipment.

Application Requirements:
Sketch, drawing or landscaping plan of proposed screening. Measurements of screening to include height, length and width Official site plan of the residence
Materials, colors and/or proposed shrubbery to be used.
ARC approved house colors and a picture of house colors/foundation color
Updated 06/2020