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This is incorrect information. The ARC standards on this site are outdated and they were revised and sent to Becca in June of 2020. Can you please see that the new version gets posted immediately so that homeowners are following the correct ARC guidelines. The ARC committee is using the June 2020 version.

Again, based on my calculation the earliest these signs could be up is October 3rd and it is only August. Can you please see that the Board and Becca address this issue with the violators, candidate, etc. I made Becca aware last week but nothing has changed. This should be an easy fix. Some of the residents know better and are well aware of the standards having served on the HAC.

On Page 53 under Signs:

The placement of all signs must be in compliance with Chesterfield County Ordinance.
Signs shall be neatly lettered, clean, have a professional appearance and be
maintained in good condition. Permanent signs are not permitted except in very
specific, limited situations. One such situation is the display of one home security sign
no larger than 12” x 12” located near the front door.
No Application is required for temporary signs if the following conditions are
• 1 Rental or sale of residential property or sign identifying a builder or contracting
doing work on the Lot (limited to 4 square feet) and may be displayed in the front
yard only. Neighborhood lead-in signs are permitted on weekends and must be
removed by Sunday night.
• Congratulatory and similar temporary signs, rented or other, are permitted for a
period of 48 without ARC approval.
• Political signs:
o Candidate’s political signs must be placed in accordance to Chesterfield
County’s guidelines for size and time limits.
o Signs shall be at least 15 feet from the nearest edge of the pavement.
o These signs may be displayed 30 days prior to and 7 days after the
election for which intended. In cases where a final election follows within
75 days of a primary election, signs endorsing those candidates who won
in the primary election may be displayed during the interim period and up
to 7 days after final election.

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