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Good evening all,

Well it has certainly been an eventful pool weekend! As promised earlier I wanted to provide some background about the pool status for both staffing and mechanical. If you want the TLDR version, the current schedule is for the pool to reopen on Tuesday assuming the parts needed come in.

If you’re curious to know what caused the pool to close then I have the bulleted timeline for you below. Mostly there was a lack of communication which caused confusion but at this point the committee appears to be clear on what happened.

HOA representatives receive notification there is a staffing shortage and we may have partial opening or possible pool closure for at least one day over the weekend

Friday Morning
Mechanical issues begin to show at the pool and a representative was dispatched to evaluate the situation.
An alternative staffing plan was identified for keeping the pool open.

Friday Afternoon
The pump motor was identified as non-functioning and would have to be replaced or rebuilt.
The pool closed early and a search for a replacement began

NOTE: The HOA management company was notified, however community members were not notified at this time which is where the confusion about the closure began.
Pool committee members began notifying homeowners of the pool closure due to staffing issues.

Homeowners communicated to pool committee a sign was posted indicating a pump failure for closure (thank you all for that)!
The pool committee began investigating
The pool committee received assistance from a helpful homeowner to confirm the status of the pool mechanical (shout out for the help there too)!

The pool committee was notified about the status of the pool and that the pump would need to be replaced.
The pool company identified a replacement motor in an alternate location.
Anticipated installation and delivery is 8/23 with a pool open date of 8/24
The repairs were authorized by the committee and the board

Okay you’re all up to speed and know as much as we do. The committee will provide an update once confirmation is received the work is complete.

Thank you very much for your patience as we worked through what was happening.